Une vie de boy (b); Jean-Marie Adiaffi's La carte d'identité ; Abdelhak Serhane's Messaouda ; and Mohamed Choukri's Le pain nu . Abdelhak Serhane, Messaouda (Paris: Seuil, ), One finds a similar testimony in Tahr Ben Jelloun, Harrouda (Paris: Denoël, ), Seeing a sex. Messaouda: translated from the French by Mark Thompson. Serhane, Abdelhak. New York: Carcanet, p., glossary, very good first US edition in dj.


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The narrative emphasizes the evolving nature of the storied subcultures.

Holdings : Messaouda / | York University Libraries

With more exposure to Western-style education and pop culture, the younger generations are gradually turning away from the strict religious observances of their elders. General readers abdelhak serhane messaouda have a substantive resource for information on a country most known in the United States for the Humphrey Bogart classic Casablanca, images of the souks marketshashish, and Berber rugs.

The National Library holds a collection of pictures and manuscripts. The manuscript collection contains about 26 million separate items, covering in excess of 10, meters of shelf space, the collection relates predominantly to Australia, but there are also important holdings relating to Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the Pacific.

The collection also holds a number of European and Asian manuscript collections or single items have received as part of formed book collections.

The Library has also acquired the records of many national non-governmental organisations and they include the records of the Federal Secretariats of the Liberal party, the A. P, the Democrats, the R. Finally, abdelhak serhane messaouda Library holds about 37, reels of microfilm of manuscripts and archival records, mostly acquired overseas and predominantly of Australian, the National Librarys Pictures collection focuses on Australian people, places and events, from European exploration of the South Pacific to contemporary events.

  • Abdelhak Serhane
  • Abdelhak Serhane

Kenitra — Kenitra is a city in northern Morocco, formerly known as Port Lyautey. During the Cold War Kenitras U. Naval Air Facility served as a point in North Africa.


The history of the city begins with the foundation of a trading-post by the Phoenicians, under the Antonine dynasty, a Venus temple was built there. Before the French protectorate, there was only a kasbah in abdelhak serhane messaouda area where the city can today be abdelhak serhane messaouda.

In March the French government and the Sultan of Morocco, Abd al-Hafid, because of his growing unpopularity, the Sultan asked the French government for protection against the Berber rebel tribes surrounding Fez.

France appointed Hubert Lyautey resident-general in Morocco, General Lyautey restored peace and order to the country abdelhak serhane messaouda crushing the tribal uprising.

After safely moving the Sultan from Fez to the current capital city, Rabat, one of the first preoccupations of General Lyautey was to build ports along the inhabitable Atlantic abdelhak serhane messaouda where there were no natural harbors.


He established Kenitra in as a French military fort and town, the port at Kenitra, abdelhak serhane messaouda the mouth of the Sebou river, was opened in It soon became the best river port in Morocco, Kenitra draws its name from a culvert built at Fouarat lake upstream of the kasbah.

This culvert was destroyed ininthe French officially named the locale Port Lyautey. It was renamed Kenitra in as Morocco gained its independence, Kenitra has grown rapidly to be a shipping centre for agricultural produce, fish, timber, and lead and zinc ores.

In the s, nearly abdelhak serhane messaouda, persons were on the making it the largest aggregation of Americans in any one overseas base abdelhak serhane messaouda Japan.

Messaouda by Abdelhak Serhane-

Later, the base at Kenitra was expanded to become a U. A small Navy communications out-station at Sidi Yahia closed in the late abdelhak serhane messaouda, the Air Station was closed in The city is served by two stations, Kenitra-Ville and Kenitra-Medina 8.

He was the eldest son of Mohammed V, Sultan, then King of Morocco, there were several controversies during his lifetime. They were transferred to Madagascar in JanuaryPrince Moulay Hassan acted as his fathers political abdelhak serhane messaouda during the exile. Mohammed V and his family returned from exile on 16 Novemberin the unrest of abdelhak serhane messaouda same year, he led army contingents battling rebels in the mountains of the Rif.

Messaouda by Abdelhak Serhane (1986, Hardcover)

Mohammed V changed the title of the Moroccan sovereign from Sultan to King in abdelhak serhane messaouda, Hassan was proclaimed Crown Prince on 19 Julyand became King on 26 Februaryafter his fathers death.

Hassans conservative rule, one characterized by a human rights record.


His father, Ba Driss, is a carpenter, a cruel, brutal man whom the young Abdelhak hates and fears. His mother, Mi, ""in all abdelhak serhane messaouda Moroccan woman's desolation,"" tells him story after story about Ba Driss' perfidy and bestial sexual appetites, and Serhane begins to fear his own emerging sexual desires.

By examining the literary, sociological, and political structures of urban literatures produced after the riots, this book interrogates the questions of citizenship, belonging, and coexistence in a context where literature abdelhak serhane messaouda the "periphery" has become a site where "central" political power and "mainstream" French literary canons are contested.

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