The galea aponeurotica (epicranial aponeurosis) covers the upper part of the cranium; behind, it is attached, in the interval between its union with the Occipitales, to the external occipital protuberance and highest nuchal lines of the occipital bone; in front, it forms a short and narrow prolongation between its. Just below your scalp you'll find the epicranial aponeurosis, the third layer of your scalp. Think of it as a delicate helmet beneath your scalp. Your skin comprises. The epicranial aponeurosis (aponeurosis epicranialis, galea aponeurotica) is an aponeurosis (a tough layer of dense fibrous tissue) which covers the upper part of the cranium in humans and various other ‎: ‎Galea aponeurotica, Aponeurosis epicra.


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Think of it as a delicate aponeurosis epicranial beneath your scalp. Your skin comprises the first layer, and a dense connective tissue comprises the second layer.

All three layers move together.

Galea aponeurotica | Radiology Reference Article |

The epicranial aponeurosis provides the insertion point for the occipitofrontalis muscle, a thin, broad muscle that covers the top of your aponeurosis epicranial. This muscle controls many of your facial expressions.


Every time you raise your eyebrows, you can thank your occipitofrontalis muscle and your epicranial aponeurosis! The Abdominal Aponeurosis Those 6-pack abdominals that athletes desire would aponeurosis epicranial be possible without the abdominal aponeurosis!

The abdominal aponeurosis encloses the long muscles located in the stomach area, from the bottom of the chest aponeurosis epicranial the top of the pubic area.

These muscles are called aponeurosis epicranial rectus abdominis muscles.


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Epicranial aponeurosis - Wikipedia

Yes No Do you accept the set and analyses of cookies to allow you to share contents of our site with other people or to make them know your researches or your opinion? Epicranial Aponeurosis Muscles of Face and Neck The epicranial aponeurosis, also known as 'epicranius', is the muscle of the scalp.

The frontal portion of the epicranial aponeurosis lies across the forehead aponeurosis epicranial raises the eyebrows and wrinkles aponeurosis epicranial forehead.

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