Read "Bloody Jack Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary 'Jacky' Faber, Ship's Boy" by L. A. Meyer with Rakuten Kobo. Life as a ship's boy aboard. Maps, charts, footnotes, research bits, The Birth of Jacky, L.A. Meyer biography, and other hopefully interesting things. Stuff not used in the final versions of the. The complete series list for - Bloody Jack Adventures L.A. Meyer. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres.


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Edit Mary Faber started off life as the eldest daughter in a low-class family in a small town in the north of England.

Bloody Jack

For the first eight years of her life, she lived with her parents bloody jack la meyer her younger sister, Penelope Penny. However, on a day that she later called " That Dark Day ", her parents and her younger sister died of pestilence, and Mary was tossed out on the streets.

For the next five years, she made her living begging on the streets with a gang of street urchins led by a boy named Rooster Charlie.

Mary goes to look for him and finds bloody jack la meyer dead on the street.


Later on in bloody jack la meyer series, we discover Charlie is killed by Muck the Corpseseller. Mary leaves the gang, hoping not to end up dead on the streets like poor Charlie. She takes Charlie's pants, shirt, vest, and shiv, and disguises herself as a boy named Jack and signs up on a warship called the HMS Dolphinas a ship's boy.

She is joined by five other boys: TinkBenjyDavyWilly, and Jaimy and quickly makes friends with bloody jack la meyer other boys after a quick scuffle with Willy to assert herself as someone not to be picked on. She stays on the ship for about a year during this time, she experiences her first period and develops breasts.


Eventually, however, she is captured by a pirate, LeFievre whom the Dolphin has been chasing for most of bloody jack la meyer bookand is outed as a female after returning to the ship. However, Jacky is frequently made fun of by Clarissa and some of the other girls, especially Lisette de Lise, for her unladylike behavior and her British accent.

Jacky starts earning money by leaving the school during the nights and singing at a bar called 'The Pig and Whistle' with an alcoholic musician named Gulliver "Gully" McFarland.

Bloody jack la meyer the day, she skips school to go to the harbor and gets arrested for causing distractions in a public area dancing in public while playing a pennywhistle and displaying a female limb.

BLOODY JACK by L.A. Meyer | Kirkus Reviews

After her attorney, Ezra Pickeringgets her out of jail, Mistress Pimm demotes her to serving girl. Jacky spends most of the book as a servant. Throughout the book, bloody jack la meyer is kept busy because the school preacher, Reverend Matherbelieves her to be Janey Porter, a serving girl he raped and killed, coming back to haunt him.

He believes Jacky needs to be killed as she is a witch and that she is filled with evil.

Jacky pretends to be the ghost of Janey Porter during the night in order to get the Reverend to confess that he killed Janey since everyone had previously believed she committed suicide. Bloody jack la meyer, Mistress Pimm discovers that Jacky bloody jack la meyer been keeping up with her lessons, despite being demoted to serving girl, and reinstates her as a lady.

Soon afterward, Jacky and Amy go to the Trevelynes' farm, and Jacky fills in for a jockey on a horse she met earlier in the book, the Sheik of Araby. At a party soon after Jacky's win, Clarissa gets Jacky drunk, and Jacky is almost raped by Lieutenant Flashbybut Randall saves her honour.

Soon after, as she escapes from the preacher, who burns alive in the church, the city of Boston catches fire, the Lawson Peabody is burnt to the ground, and Jacky runs away into the night, headed off for England.

Upon returning, she has plenty of money, and enjoys some time in London, reuniting with Judy Miller and giving her a job.

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However, while dressed as a boy in hopes of surprising Jaimy at the race track, Jacky is captured by a press gang and forced into service upon the Wolverine, a Hell Ship under the command bloody jack la meyer the repulsive Abraham Scroggs. Muck, who has also been pressed, happens to be onboard under a pseudonym.

While imprisoned in Scroggs' quarters, Jacky meets John Higginswho instantly sympathizes with her. Scroggs has a heart bloody jack la meyer while trying to rape Jacky a combination of exertion, his illness, and stress from his mutinous crew crashing cannonballs overheadand Jacky remains in the Captain's room with his corpse, simultaneously gaining the crew's trust during the day and getting them accustomed to following her orders.

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