Master Cloudera CDH Admin. Spin up cluster in AWS, Mess it, Fix it, Play it and Learn. Real time demo on CCA Topics. In this hadoop tutorial, learn who is best suited to attend the full Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Training. Learn about Cloudera Hadoop Admin Training, reasons to become a Hadoop Admin and various certification present.


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Best data serialization choice for a given scenario.

Cloudera Certified Hadoop Administrator (CCHA) Salary | PayScale

File read and write paths. Commands to manipulate files in the Hadoop file system shell. Design strategy for MRv2. How YARN handles resource allocations.

Get insights on the choices for selecting an OS. Good knowledge kernel tuning and disk swapping.

Cloudera Big Data Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

Establish a hardware configuration appropriate to a scenario. Identify the ecosystem components needed by the cluster to fulfil the SLA, in a given scenario.


Book Description A complete, hands-on guide to building and maintaining large Apache Hadoop clusters using Cloudera Manager and CDH5 In Detail Apache Hadoop is an open source distributed computing technology that assists users in processing large volumes of data with relative ease, helping them to generate tremendous insights into their data.

Cloudera, with their open cloudera hadoop administration distribution of Hadoop, has made data analytics on big data possible and accessible to anyone interested. Candidates must have the skills to transfer data between external and internal systems, convert data values, use Spark SQL to interact with datasets, and configure applications from the command line.

While cloudera hadoop administration are no formal prerequisites, candidates must know how to code in Python and Cloudera hadoop administration and run code on a CDH5 cluster.

To maintain their certification status, candidates must re-test every 2 years.


Skills tested include HDFS, Cloudera Manager, Hadoop cluster planning, configuration, installation and administration, resource management, and logging and monitoring. CCAH credentials are valid for 2 years.

The exam includes 8 to 12 problems the candidate must solve on a CDH5 cluster, from preparing data for queries to using Query Language QL to analyze data on the cluster.

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