De las mercancias y el problema de la validez de las clausulas de exoneración de responsabilidad en el contrato de fletamento', in Estudios al Profesor Polo. Translation for 'contrato de fletamento' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. Translation of fletamento | Los autobuses comprenden autobuses interurbanos, de fletamento, escolares y urbanos del transporte público.


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Responsabilidad en el fletamento de aeronaves. Siempre es una buena idea consultar a un abogado profesional o abogado con problemas legales.

Contrato de fletamento by Gregorio Salcedo on Prezi

We will answer as soon as contrato de fletamento. Just remember one thing that learning never stops! The importance of legal questions related to the sea is obvious to everyone.

A genre can thus be described as a highly structured communicative written or oral event.


Most often it is contrato de fletamento structured and conventionalised with constraints on allowable contributions in terms of their intent, positioning, form and functional value.

These contrato de fletamento, however, are often exploited by expert members of the discourse community to achieve private intentions within the framework of socially recognised purpose s.

Genres are firstly defined by the communication purpose that they try to fulfil.

The contract Chartering. Types and Features

This is what determines the remainder of the characteristics and the one that permits differentiation between genres. Generally speaking, the more globalized the systems, the more equivalent genres we can find in such systems. Maritime activity contrato de fletamento truly international, and therefore, many of the genres used in contrato de fletamento field, such as Charterparty, Bill of Lading, Marine Insurance, Sea Protest, etc.

The frequent international use of such genres means we can find equivalent genres spread out over different countries and continents.


Subgenre There are times when genres give rise to subgenres. This happens mainly when they respond to variations or specifications of the communications purpose Ezpeleta Piorno The said communications contrato de fletamento variations or specifications of genres are in turn related to the end result, i.

As is the case with genres, subgenres within a specific legal context may sometimes contrato de fletamento coincide with subgenres of the legal system of the target language and this is the reason why specificities of subgenres need to be taken into account when translating them.

In the legal context, this mainly happens with genres that are less standardized and less uniform. This is because such genres and subgenres are part of a specific legal system and have not been subjected to the globalization process.

For instance, the subgenres of Naval Mortgage are quite different in different legal systems because the said genre has not undergone a strong standardization process.

Spanish to English Dictionary of Insurance Terms

However, the subgenres of the Charterparty Agreement are practically the same everywhere since they are always derived from international models. Knowledge of the different subgenres is therefore important when translating such documents since many formal and communicative aspects of the original text will be determined by the subgenre to which they belong.

However, if the original document is called GENCON, we know contrato de fletamento the charter would be for a number of trips rather than for an amount of times, as will be explained in more contrato de fletamento in section 3.

Communicative Situation We can only talk about genre whenever members of professional and academic contrato de fletamento accept and recognize a particular text or document contrato de fletamento a genre. At this level of analysis, we need to turn to Linguistics concepts to explain the communicative situation of a specific genre.

These concepts refer to register field, tenor and mode and user sender, receiver, idiolects, etc. Genres always emerge in specific communicative situations, i.

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The categories encompassed within the communicative dimension of the context are: The field contrato de fletamento specialized, and moreover, we are talking about documents that are drafted by specialists and are usually destined to specialists: Therefore, when we approach a text, we ought to also analyze the socio-cultural contrato de fletamento in which each of the analyzed genres fits.

With respect to translation, one should bear in mind that socio-cultural contexts: Formal and Contrastive Issues Genres are structured and conventionalized communication actions. Cuddon describes convention as:

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