Couplets from Kabir (Kabir Dohe) Paperback – January 13, The book contains Kabir's couplets. Under each verse has been given a few lines in prose to help the reader grasp the underlying importance of the message of the saint-poet. The book contains Kabir's couplets. Couplets of Kabir – Kabir ke Dohe. Jagat janayo jihi sakal, so jag janyo naahi. Jyo aankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhi jaahi. The one who is. Couplets From Kabir; Kabir Dohe has 36 ratings and 0 reviews. The book contains Kabir's couplets. Under each verse have been given a few lines in prose t.


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The doctor checks the pulse to diagnose the disease. Man parateet na premras, na couplets of kabir tan me Dhang. Na jano us peev su, kaise rahasi sang. Neither I have faith in my heart, nor do I know anything about love.


I am nervous how I will live with my Beloved. Tum to samarath saaiya, driDh kar couplets of kabir baanhi. Yaar bulaawe bhav so, mope gaya na jaay. The Beloved is the purest one and the bride is dirty and soiled, how can she dare to touch his feet?

Naam na jaane gaav ka, bin jaane kit jaav. You have traveled for millions of years and have not reached yet, while your own village is just half a mile away. Everyone says to come on spiritual journey referring to Gurusbut Couplets of kabir have one doubt.

Couplets of Kabir – Kabir ke Dohe

They have not yet met to the Lord, where will they go and where will they take you? He leaves his own road and walks down to the deserts and blames on the path that it is not taking him to the destination. The swan that eats pearls, couplets of kabir not settle down for pebbles.


He will never take the pebbles, only when he will get the pearls, he couplets of kabir feed himself. Nam ratan dhan paaike, baandhi gaanTh na khol. Here no one will understand its true worth, neither anyone will be able to evaluate it. No one will buy and pay for it. If I find someone like me, I will make the drink of nectar and offer him.

Kali khoTa jag aandhra, shabad na maane couplets of kabir. Who ever I speak about it for his wellness, he becomes enemy of me.

Jin DhoonDha tin paaiya, gahare paanee paiTh. Main baura dooban dara, raha kinaare baiTh. Whoever searched for him, found him by diving deep in the ocean.

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I sat at the shore and found nothing. Herat herat he sakhi, raha kabir heraay. Boond samaani samand me, so kit heri jaay. Kabir kept on searching and searching and now he is totally lost.

Couplets of kabir drop is merged in the ocean, now nowhere it can be found. Hirday maanhi aarasee, mukh dekha nahi jaay. Mukh to tabahi dekhai, dubidha dei bahaay. In your heart is the mirror where you can see the face of the Beloved but you are not able to see it. The face of the Beloved can be couplets of kabir only when you drop all doubts, thoughts and conflicts.

Padha guna seekha sabhi, miTa na sanshay sool. Kah kabir kaso kahun, yah sab dukh ka mool.

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