Crusader Kings II: Dark Ages is one of the most curious and developed strategies of our times. As it often happens with such productions variety. Crusader Kings II is one of the surprise hit games of , showing up on several Game Of The Year lists, including our own. Its crossover. While I write up the walk-through I thought I'd start another walk-through from Crusader Kings 2. This excellent game lets you pick a medieval.


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William III tried to put down the revolt by arresting the claimant—a child of 8—but this angered the southern lords, who also launched a rebellion. William III defeated his challengers, but the Kingdom was bankrupt and he was exhausted.

He organized a grand tournament to try and unify the Kingdom, but died from an illness before it could be held, in This year——was about the time the historical dynasty descended into chaos due to succession issues, with the Plantagenet dynasty eventually emerging.

Will the same fate befall the Normans in my Crusader Kings game? Tune in next time … Advertisements. Crusader kings 2 walkthrough warscore will also be helped this way. It is also possible to do this when you are in a war.

Declare war and then have an crusader kings 2 walkthrough attack in pillage mode before having another army attack in a normal mode.

Crusader kings 2 walkthrough you have won a war and you get a lot of prisoners in your jail, you will notice that there are quite a few children in your prisons. Remember that you can control these children and brainwash them to slowly convert them and make them an integral part of your culture.

If the people you capture are in line for some sort of succession, then this is a perfect way to spread your culture and your influence to other regions of the world.

You can use the girls as a breeding stock and if they come from a line which has important titles, then the children that they birth can end up having crusader kings 2 walkthrough titles.


Increase your lands and fill your coffers, appoint vassals, battle traitors, introduce laws while interacting with hundreds of nobles, and create the most powerful dynasty of medieval Europe. A beleaguered king will always have friends to support him.


It's actually fairly simple: But what are you researching? Click on the Technology tab on the top left—looks like gears. You'll see several techs arranged into three columns, which correspond to the three tasks we just sent our councilors to work on.

Hover your mouse above Bordeaux to see it specifically, instead of your lands in general. You can choose a focus in each area to get it crusader kings 2 walkthrough improve slightly faster than the others. If you want to micromanage, you can, but since all of them are good, I find that usually I just set crusader kings 2 walkthrough focus to the tech that's closest to reaching the next level, and leave it alone for a while after that.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Basics Tutorial: Learn CK2 in 20 Minutes

If you want to know what each tech does, you can hover the mouse over the stars, but this is all mostly background stuff.

You have a lot more control over time in this. Press the space bar, or click on the time bar in the top right of the screen, to start making things happen.

The plus and minus can adjust speed. Since the game begins inthe first thing that will crusader kings 2 walkthrough is the succession crisis in England. As William The Bastard is still technically a vassal of France right now, crusader kings 2 walkthrough can watch his army cross the channel and attempt to defeat both England and Norway.

William almost always wins, but in this example game, he defeated England but was in turn defeated by Norway, setting up an immediate, major departure from history. Spending Money Building Buildings As time passes, your taxes will automatically be collected and added to your coffers, shown under the coins in the display on the top right.

The cheapest buildings are 50 gold, but most are around to start with. So when I get to gold, I'm building my first building. This is one of the easiest parts of Crusader Kings II to miss at first, because the interface for it is very different from the interface for doing almost everything else in the game.

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