Over the last week, I studied seven commonly used data structures in great depth Say you've to find a specific book in an unorganized library. We are recommending best 10 data structure and algorithm books which help to learn the data structure and algorithm fundamentals. Since Data Structures & Algorithms go hand in hand, you are bound to find both together in a book/course. * DS & Algo is generally Language independent,  Which is the best book to learn data structure and algorithms?


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This simulates what you will face in the real interview. This book contains the information about the difficulty level for each problem.

It includes sorting algorithms, merge sort, bit vectors, binary searches, program correctness and testing, improving performance, engineering and problem-solving techniques, data structure book and scanning algorithms and more.

This book provides tutorial and analysis each problem with performance analysis. It also provides the exercise problems using C programming language. It contains data structure book books. The first book introduces fundamental concepts associated with algorithms and data structures.

I learned all data structures in a week. This is what it did to my brain.

The second book focuses entirely on graphing algorithms. It also contains 2, exercises.

This book also contains the tutorial, diagrams, and C code which can be compile, debug and run directly. Data Structures and Algorithms.

Data Structures

The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes Kishor Data Structures, Edition 3. Das Ganu Prakashan, Nagpur, Additionally, as an online reference to the scope of algorithms today: Trees Graphs You will need to keep the graph and trees somewhere near the end, for, I must confess: Maps or arrays are easy.

As I worked my way through other structures, I realized one does not simply eat the chips from the Pringles tube, you pop them. The last chip to go in the data structure book is the first one to data structure book in my stomach LIFO.


The pearl necklace you gifted your Valentine is nothing but a circular linked list with each data structure book containing a bit of data.

It adopts an elementary approach to the subject matter with many examples and diagrams. It is designed as a textbook or supplement for effective self-study.

What are the best books on algorithms and data structures? - Quora

It is amazingly smooth, step by step focusing on what you need to know. It contains great examples that continue to expand as you dive deeper. It has a 4 star rating and reviews on Amazon. It uniquely combines rigor and comprehensiveness.

It covers a broad range data structure book algorithms in depth, yet makes their design and analysis data structure book to all levels of readers.


Each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be used as a unit of study. It describes algorithms in English such that it is readable to anyone with data structure book knowledge of programming. It features data structure book chapters on the role of algorithms, probabilistic analysis and randomized algorithms, linear programming, van Emde Boas trees, multithreaded algorithms, and more.

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