Grab content from web sites into an ePub / mobi file for your eBook reader. This add-on requires the installation of the desktop application. Lucifox is an e-book reader extension for the Pale Moon web browser. It enables you to read e-books and browse e-book catalogs in a browser window. Google Chrome, but you can also use it to read ebooks that have the ePUB extension, as long as Searching for the ePUB Reader add-on in Mozilla Firefox.


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Both versions of MagicScroll provide a number of customizable options. A list of keyboard shortcuts for the handling of the extension and web service can be accessed when pressing H in an opened book. Furthermore, MagicScroll offers an autoscroll option with adjustable speed.

EPUBReader for future Firefox by Michael Volz — Kickstarter

A nice little treat: Readium Readium is a Chrome app that works offline, without an internet connection, as well. The app is very easy to handle and provides the user with a library that can switch between list and thumbnail view.

Just like any decent e-book app, Readium ebooks for i reader for firefox you to change the font size for better readability as well as choosing from five different background color templates. Additionally to a big list of keyboard shortcuts you can freely set yourself, Readium offers a largely customizable layout where you can choose between scroll mode, page format, page flipping effect and margin size.

So no extra disk space is required ebooks for i reader for firefox ebooks open faster. The new version won't have a private library as the needed Firefox functions are missing.

How To Read E-Books on Chrome & Firefox

The support for Hebrew will be improved. We generally browse with our browsers — Firefox in most cases.

So, it makes sense to have a have a browser based EPUB reader that can instantly open the ebook when we click on its link. EPUBReader gives us that solution. It was created to be flexible with font size and text layout, allowing you to read the same material on any mobile device that you may own.

With more and more publishers switching ebooks for i reader for firefox producing their ebooks in.

How To Read E-Books on Chrome & Firefox | Online file conversion blog

These extensions are made as a minimalist ebook reader that will allow you to browse through ebooks directly from these two browsers.

By this change you enabled Javascript, so ebooks for i reader for firefox should in this case be cautious opening ePub-files from unknown sources. When I try to install the addon, I get the error message "Not a valid install package". The file is valid, the problem is caused by a Firefox bug.


Here is the workaround:

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