I am using Explorer 16 development board. I have made the following connections using the J6 of explorer 16 board. The pin numbers are also. Download scientific diagram | Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board from publication: Photovoltaic Array with Maximum Power Point Tracking | Microsoft. Only company in India to receive Manufacturing License from MICROCHIP USA; Manufactured in India with 1 year Warranty; Only company providing after sale.


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DSB Note the following details of the code protection feature on Microchip devices: Most likely, the person doing so is engaged in theft of intellectual property.

We at Microchip are committed to continuously improving the code protection features of our products.

If such acts allow unauthorized access to your software or explorer 16 development board copyrighted work, you may have a right to sue for relief under that Act.

Information contained in this publication regarding device applications and the like is provided only for your convenience and may be superseded by updates.


explorer 16 development board It is your responsibility to ensure that your application meets with your specifications.

Microchip disclaims all liability arising from this information and its use. No licenses are conveyed, implicitly or otherwise, under any Microchip intellectual property rights.

Explorer 16 Development Board

KG, a subsidiary of Microchip Technology Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective companies.

Printed on recycled paper. Introducing the Explorer 16 Development Board 1.

Microchip Explorer 16 Development Board DM | eBay

Explorer 16 Development Hardware 2. Explorer 16 Development Board Schematics A.

Please refer to our web site explorer 16 development board. This number is located on the bottom of each page, in front of the page number. Select the Help menu, and then Topics to open a list of available on-line help files.

Items discussed in this chapter include: The manual layout is as follows: Sending in the Warranty Registration Card entitles users to receive new product updates.

Interim software releases are available at the Microchip web site. Other useful documents are listed below. The following Microchip documents are available and recommended as supplemental reference resources. Reference information found in this data sheet includes: It describes the instruction set in detail and also provides general information to assist in developing software.

Additional Bit Families Information about other bit families can be found at: It also contains tutorials on how to create a new project, build, program and debug. This web site explorer 16 development board used as a means to make files and information easily available to customers. The web site contains the following information: Subscribers will receive e-mail notification whenever there are changes, updates, revisions or errata related to a specified explorer 16 development board family or development tool of interest.

To register, access the Microchip web site at www.

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