Rocks, Minerals and Gems (Paperback) Jade (Fred Ward Gem Book) Simon Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones (Paperback). Annotated list of books on gems, gemology, precious stones, jewelry, pearls and jade. This is a digitalized library of non-copyrighted gemological books where you can download files format. If you are interested in studying gemstones from.


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Gemology Reference Books

Arguably the finest book ever devoted to a single gem species. Covers the gemology books Thai ruby mines. The best book ever written on this intriguing locality for Montana sapphire.

gemology books Diamonds Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds: Simply the final word on the subject. The classic work on the subject. Diamonds by Eric Bruton Probably the best overall treatment ever on the gemology of diamond.

Fire into Ice by Vernon Frolick Story of the gemology books of Canada's diamond mines. The French Blue by Richard W.

Recommended Books on Gemology

Wonderfully written historical fiction based on Tavernier's travels. A Visual Reference by John I.

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No one does it better. The Nature of Diamonds by George E.


Beautiful introduction to diamonds, based on the American Museum of Natural History exhibit. Photomicrographs of diamond clarity grades. A diamond grader's wet dream. Garnet gemology books John D.

Recommended Books on Gemology

One of the only monographs devoted to these important gems. Garnet by various authors Ivory Ivory and the Elephant: Gemology books rarest of Kunz' major works.


Yet another masterpiece of both scholarship and the bookmaker's art. Jade by Roger Keverne Editor gemology books The most complete coverage available for this fascinating gem material.

Rubydick's Pick of the Litter: The best of the best

Now out-of-print, this book is highly sought after as it deals specifically gemology books gem-quality jadeite from Burma. Jade Lore by John A. Reprint of this classic from gemology books Opal Opal is well represented in the gemological literature because the major source is in Australia, an English-speaking country.

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