Get 10 simple and secret cooking tips and tricks at Times Food by which you can make nutritious food with in very less time. What are some cooking tips or hacks for Indian working women to cook faster? that the dish might become too liquid, adding a raw potato will also do the are Indian cooking tips for those who are extremely poor at. Learn tips from 57+ Indian Food Cooks to help you get those delicious flavors do is excess salt in curries. there are quite a few tricks to remove the excess salt.


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This not makes the batter lighter but also is easier for digestion.


Use lot of garlic and asafoetida in recipes to avoid gastric problems. Add salt at the very end of the cooking process to reduce the overall salt intake.

Also, adding salt in the beginning dehydrates the vegetables and reduces its nutritional value. Use half wheat flour for any recipes that call for refined flour maida. This will improve the nutritious value of the dish.

Top 10 Indian Kitchen Tips

Cut the fat in your recipes wherever possible. Prevention is better than cure. Eat freah home cooked meals and snacks as much as possible. It is always mush healthier as you have a control over the ingredients used. Top 10 Shopping Tips: Always prepare a shopping list to avoid over buying based indian cooking tips and tricks instinct or under buying and missing out the necessary things.

Top 10 Indian Kitchen Tips - Simple Cooking Club

Clean your refrigerator and pantry once in a month before preparing a shopping list. Always be sure to check the expiry dates of products. Purchase large quantities only if you are sure to finish it within the date.

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While buying mutton, get a smaller animal. The meat will be pinkish and not dark red.

57 Indian Recipe Bloggers Reveal Their 3 Best Beginner Cooking Tips

This will ensure tender meat when cooked. When buying produce, look for its freshness.


Do not purchase if it doesn't look bright and firm. Choose brinjals eggplant that are lighter. Heavier ones are more mature with many seeds and the brinjals will also taste bitter. If you are not able to find fresh herbs, you can buy dried ones. Indian cooking tips and tricks, you have to use very sparingly as dried herbs have a stronger aroma.

Always read the nutritional labels while buying canned or processed food.

Cooking Tips and Tricks for Indian Food: 10 hacks to remember while cooking Indian dishes

Compare similar products to check for salt content, fat etc. Also purchase low sodium options whenever possible. Always be brave and try out new fruits and vegetables that you see in the market.

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