After weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and with four million copies of The Kite Runner shipped, Khaled Hosseini returns with a. Khaled Hosseini one of most widely read and beloved novelists in the world, with more than ten million copies sold in the United States of The Kite Runner and. bringing his considerable talents to our air as a movie reviewer -- he saw the movie made of Afghan-American writer Khaled Hosseini's


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I imagine the animal sees that its imminent demise is for a higher purpose.

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Amir recollects the memory again toward the end of the novel when he sees Sohrab in the home of the Taliban. Discuss the image in the context of the novel.


America acts as a place for Amir khaled hosseini bergen bury his memories and a place for Baba to mourn his. What is the function of irony in this novel?

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What is the significance of the irony in the first story that Amir writes? After hearing Amir's story, Hassan asks, "Why did the man kill his wife?

In fact, why did he ever have to feel sad to shed tears? Couldn't he khaled hosseini bergen just smelled an onion? How does this story epitomize the difference in character between Hassan and Amir?

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Khaled hosseini bergen is Baba disappointed by Amir's decision to become a writer? During their argument about his career path, Amir thinks to himself: I didn't want to sacrifice for Baba anymore.

The last time I had done that, I had damned myself. How has Amir "damned himself"? Compare and contrast the relationships of Soraya and Amir and their fathers.

'Kite Runner' Makes Big-Screen Debut : NPR

How have their upbringings contributed to these relationships? Discuss how the ever-changing politics of Afghanistan affect each of the characters in the novel. On Amir's trip back to Afghanistan, he stays at the home of his khaled hosseini bergen, Farid.

You are not able to think like we can.

Western doctors and their science have proven this. How is irony employed throughout the novel? You can be anything that you want.

What aspects of his character does khaled hosseini bergen inherit? In what ways is she different? Mariam refuses to see visitors while she is imprisoned, and she calls no witnesses at her trial.

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