L'inizio del film e una delle principali scene parodiche del romanzo gotico. Bibliographic information. QR code for L'abbazia di Northanger. Title, L'abbazia di Northanger Volume 6 of I segni · Volume 1 of I segni. Il romanzo gotico. Northanger Abbey. Volume I - Chapter 10 (10). The Allens, Thorpes, and Morlands, all met in the evening at the theatre; and, as Catherine and Isabella sat.


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Do you think her pretty?

Hughes now joined them, and asked Miss Tilney if she was ready to go. She went home very happy. The morning had answered all her hopes, and the evening of the following day was now the object of expectation, the future good.

What gown and what head-dress she should wear on the occasion l abbazia di northanger her chief concern. She cannot be justified in it.

L'Abbazia di Northanger by Jane Austen

Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim. Catherine knew all this very well; her great aunt had read her a lecture on the subject only the Christmas before; and yet she lay awake ten minutes on Wednesday night debating between her spotted and her tamboured muslin, and nothing but the l abbazia di northanger of the time prevented her buying a new one for the evening.

This would have been an error in judgment, great though not uncommon, from which one of the other sex rather than her own, a brother rather than a great aunt, might have warned her, for man l abbazia di northanger can be aware of the insensibility of man towards a new gown.


It would be mortifying to the feelings of many ladies, could they be made to understand how little the heart of man is affected by what is costly or new in their attire; how little it is biased by the texture of their muslin, and how unsusceptible of peculiar tenderness towards the spotted, the sprigged, the mull or the jackonet.

Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter.

She entered the rooms on Thursday evening with feelings very different from l abbazia di northanger had attended her l abbazia di northanger the Monday before.

L'abbazia Di Northanger by Jane Austen Silvia Cecchini

She had then been exulting in her engagement to Thorpe, and was now chiefly anxious to avoid his sight, lest he should engage her again; for though she could not, dared not expect that Mr.

Tilney should ask her a third time to dance, her wishes, hopes, and plans all centered in nothing less. Every young lady may feel for my heroine in this critical moment, for every young lady has at some time or l abbazia di northanger known the same agitation.

All have been, or at least all have believed l abbazia di northanger to be, in danger from the pursuit of some one whom they wished to avoid; and all have been anxious for the attentions of some one whom they wished to please.

L'Abbazia di Northanger

As soon as l abbazia di northanger were joined by the Thorpes, Catherine's agony began; she fidgetted about if John Thorpe came towards her, hid herself as much as possible from his view, and when he spoke to her pretended not to hear l abbazia di northanger.

The cotillions were over, the country-dancing beginning, and she saw nothing of the Tilneys. I declare positively it is quite shocking. I tell him he ought to be ashamed of himself, but you and John must keep us in countenance.

Make haste, my dear creature, and come to us.

John is just walked off, but he will be back in a moment. The others walked away, L abbazia di northanger Thorpe was still in view, and she gave herself up for lost. That she might not appear, however, to observe or expect him, she kept her eyes intently fixed on her fan; and a self-condemnation for her folly, in supposing that among such a crowd l abbazia di northanger should even meet with the Tilneys in any reasonable time, had just passed through her mind, when she suddenly found herself addressed and again solicited to dance, by Mr.

With what sparkling eyes and ready motion she granted his request, and with how pleasing a flutter of heart she went with him to the set, may be easily imagined. To escape, l abbazia di northanger, as she believed, so narrowly escape John Thorpe, and to be asked, so immediately on his joining her, asked by Mr.

Tilney, as if he had sought her on purpose! Scarcely had they worked themselves l abbazia di northanger the quiet possession of a place, however, when her attention was claimed by John Thorpe, who stood behind her.

Jane Austen - L'abbazia di Northanger, Vol. I - cap. 10 (10)

I only came for the sake of dancing with you, and I firmly believe you were engaged to me ever since Monday. Yes; I remember, I asked you l abbazia di northanger you were waiting in the lobby for your cloak.

And here have I been telling all my acquaintance that L abbazia di northanger was going to dance with the prettiest girl in the room; and when they see you standing up with somebody else, they will quiz me famously. What chap have you there?

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