Learning Tarot Reversals (Book, ) by Joan Bunning. $ Paperback. Red Wheel/Weiser imprints include Conari Press which. Because the way I read with reversals is very different to how many other You don't have to learn another 78 Tarot card meanings to master. From the author of Learning The Tarot, Joan Bunning, we have a very "hot topic" book in Learning Tarot Reversals. I have a great deal of respect for Joan.


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Learning Tarot Reversals

Fun and helpful exercises directly follow the lessons. I would highly recommend you use these exercises as learning tarot reversals are a great way to learn your deck. She gives learning tarot reversals for answers to the exercises as well as encouraging your own personal interpretation, rather than rote memorization.

I would recommend reading her first book Learning the Tarot: There is also an interesting section on what Bunning calls "mismatches".

Learning Tarot Reversals by Joan Bunning

This is when the orientation of the card upright or reversed does not match the expectation of the person being read for. Bunning sees this as learning tarot reversals excellent opportunity to become more aware in ones life.


This would certainly be so. How many times as readers have we had a client learning tarot reversals to accept a card that we could see clearly was at work in their lives!

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Opposing energy pairs also pose a conundrum. These are defined as cards that have opposite meanings - i. If both cards are upright, learning tarot reversals energies are both strong and the client has a struggle on their hands.


If both cards are reversed, Bunning defines the situation as "flexible". If one card is upright and the other reversed, the person being read for is in the process of moving from one energy to the other.

In a reading, Bunning asks us to look at "energy groups" - these being the major arcana, learning tarot reversals cards, suits, spread groups, spontaneous groups and the entire reading.

learning tarot reversals

I do not know why the minor arcana was excluded here - perhaps because they are the day to day learning tarot reversals of a life, and are relatively temporary. The archetypes of the major arcana have strength and impact when they are int he upright position.

When a preponderance of majors are reversed, the learning tarot reversals is much less active - more subdued and less able to be used to the fullest.


Court cards indicate the influence of other learning tarot reversals in a situation. While this method of reading has its place, the effect of reversed cards, their number, groupings, and where they fall in a tarot spread can deepen any reading and bring subtle nuances into play.

Bunning points out that a reversed card can also indicate learning tarot reversals build-up to, lack of, or decline from the event or condition represented by that card.

Learning Tarot Reversals

learning tarot reversals Linking cards together based on the presence of reversed cards learning tarot reversals gives a reading a natural flow of high points and low points without abrupt transitions.

So why do so many books treat reversed cards in what is basically a cursory manner? Joan Bunning to the rescue with Learning Tarot Reversals--finally reversed cards get the attention they deserve!

Traditionally, reversed cards are read as the polar opposite of what the upright card represents.

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