Tony Wright - 'Left In The Dark' - Interview by Iain McNay Tony talks about his book "Left in the Dark. David Wolfe has this to say about Left in the Dark "I have been following Tony Wright's research for over a decade. I believe he has uncovered the primary. Tony Wright. SpSonSsoSredS. · August 1 ·. After many years of family commitments and being a single parent to my son I am hoping to focus full time on a new.


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This is a cause for joy rather than despair, because damage implies repair; so damaged pod people it is then; and it gets better, seeing that the human brain is not working properly, the species is devolving; hence the phenomenon of Justin Beiber!

We all know we are screwed.

: Left in the Dark : Tony Wright, Graham Gynn: Books

Tony Write argues that we should accept it and work our way up. Natural selection is accepted today because it is simple to understand.


The idea of the damaged brain is like this, that is, it offers an explanation for our wretched state. Left in the Dark is the most exciting thing to come along since Darwinism. I reckon that the idea of the species running on a damaged brain mode is an optimistic idea because it opens the possibility of a fix.

We would all turn into concrete faced pessimists if we left in the dark tony wright the orthodox paradigm; that is, the faith that human brain is at the peak of evolution.

Championing this paradigm would be depressing indeed, because if the brain really is at its peak, then history is a product of this peak and history is rubbish! But if we say that we are a sick species, then we can forget history and become optimists.


The world appears the Hell-hole it is because the world is a mirror of the left hemisphere. Each person takes the limits of his or her field of vision for the limits of the world.

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Now how about the entire species reflecting the brain deterioration onto the world? How would we ever know that we are a damaged species, if all we ever knew was the side of our brain that is wrapped up in the rational processing, doom and gloom cataloguing mind?

Many others have suggested this, including Terence McKenna, whose brother, Dennis, wrote the introduction for this book. I say flakiness because the book shelves are crammed with mystical mumbo jumbo. Fear is a powerful emotion that can mask all other mental functions and this played a part in suppressing the more baffling perceptions of the right hemisphere.

When we lose any sense fear accompanies this and a growing sense of anxiety and the need for control left in the dark tony wright as the left began actively resisting experiences it cannot categorize or understand since they are threatening to its very sense of self.

This has severely limited our perception and compromised many abilities.

Tony Wright and Graham Gynn: Left in the Dark

The evidence suggests those abilities as well as a wholly different sense of self lie dormant in the right side of our brain and is only occasionally glimpsed by a tiny minority of people. Unfortunately this also creates a paradox. I have proposed that the abilities and perception facilitated by the left side of our brain are a more primitive and greatly reduced or distorted version of what left in the dark tony wright remains locked away in the right.

Instead of separate senses a unified and highly advanced system that perceives everything all at once without any problems was the norm.

Left In The Dark, by Tony Wright

These glimpses of synesthesia for example which some are actually born with could be a relic of this unified and coherent perceptual capability now well beyond and frightening to the primitive neural architecture of the left hemisphere.

Even the bible talks about our naked, forest dwelling, fruit eating past.


This sort of theme is witnessed among Eskimos, Aborigines, Native Americans, Mayans left in the dark tony wright dozens of other cultures. Do you think our ancient ancestors knew what happened? How did they go about addressing the problem?

Do we still get glimpses of these right brained states of consciousness today? When you look at the ancient myths and traditions with all this in mind it becomes blatantly obvious that they all are attempting to describe and address through various techniques essentially the same thing- although both the myths and practices have become inevitably distorted over time from their original purpose as the condition progressed.

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