Catalog Note: "Mémoires (Memories)" is an artist book by French theorist and artist Guy Debord created in collaboration with Danish artist. Uneasy Arrangements: Looking at Guy Debord's Memoires . You let your memory serve as a kind of map as you peruse the book. . much is read into this book in light of Debord and Jorn's subsequent successful careers. Guy Debord verification emerges in spontaneous struggles of workers; all it can do is repress every manifestation and memory of such verification.


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Estimates Each lot in the e-catalogue is given a low and high estimate, indicating to a prospective buyer a range in which the lot might sell at auction.


When possible, the estimate is based on previous memories guy debord records of comparable pieces. The estimates are often determined several months before a sale and are therefore subject to change upon further research of the property, or to reflect market conditions or currency fluctuations.

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Estimates should not be relied upon as memories guy debord representation or prediction of actual selling prices. Provenance In certain circumstances, Sotheby's may publish in the e-catalogue the history of ownership of a work of art if such information contributes to scholarship or is otherwise well known and assists in distinguishing the memories guy debord of art.


However, memories guy debord identity of the seller or previous owners may not be disclosed for a variety of reasons. For example, such information may memories guy debord excluded to accommodate a seller's request for confidentiality or because the identity of prior owners is unknown given the age of the work of art.

Specialist Advice Prospective bidders may be interested in specific information not included in the e-catalogue description of a lot.

For additional information, please contact either a Sotheby's specialist or Sotheby's Client Services Memories guy debord at enquiries sothebys.

The Exhibition An exhibition of the auction property will be held during the dates indicated on the Sotheby's website. There you will have the opportunity to view, inspect and evaluate the property yourself, or with the help of a Sotheby's specialist.

Notices Notices amend the e-catalogue description of a memories guy debord after our e-catalogue has been published on the Sotheby's and Invaluable websites.

Mémoires - Wikipedia

Please take memories guy debord of them. If you are not successful on any lot, Sotheby's will arrange memories guy debord a refund subject to any right of set off of the deposit amount paid by you without interest within 14 working days of the last day of the sale.

Any exchange losses or fees associated with the refund shall be borne by you. The Auction Unless otherwise noted in the e-catalogue or by a notice posted on the Sotheby's and Invaluable websites, Sotheby's acts as agent on behalf of the seller and does not permit the seller to bid on his or her own property.

Guy Debord & Asger Jorn | Memories | | Zucker Art Books

Bidding If you would like to bid, you must register on the Sotheby's or Invaluable website. All lots sold will be invoiced to the name and address registered for the bid and cannot be transferred to other names and addresses. Sotheby's reserves the right to refuse to accept payment from a source memories guy debord than the buyer of record.

For information about registering to bid please visit the Sotheby's or Invaluable website. Employee Bidding Sotheby's employees may bid in memories guy debord Sotheby's auction only if the employee does not know the reserve and if the employee fully complies with Sotheby's internal rules governing employee bidding.


US Economic Sanctions The United States maintains economic and trade sanctions memories guy debord targeted foreign countries, groups and organizations.

There may be restrictions on the import into the United States of certain items originating in sanctioned countries, including Burma, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Sudan.

File:Debord Guy Jorn Asger Memoires pdf - Monoskop

The memories guy debord inability to import any item into the US or any other country as a result of these or other memories guy debord shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the sale or any delay in payment. Please check with the specialist department if you are uncertain as to whether a lot is subject to these import restrictions, or any other restrictions on importation or exportation.

Hammer Price and the Buyer's Premium For lots which are sold, the last price for a lot noted by the Sotheby's and Invaluable online bidding systems is the hammer price.

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