In electrochemistry, the Nernst equation gives the electrode potential (E), relative to the standard electrode potential, (E0), of the electrode couple or. Use the Nernst equation to determine the potential difference at 25°C in the following cells when. Solutions for Chapter 13 Problem 30P. Problem 30P: (See. Relate cell potentials to free energy changes; Use the Nernst equation to . Using the Nernst equation and the concentrations stated in the problem and \(n = 2\).


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17.4: The Nernst Equation

For historical reasons, the logarithm in nernst equation problems involving cell potentials is often expressed using base 10 logarithms logwhich changes the constant by a factor of 2.

Given any one of the three quantities, the other two can be calculated, so any of the quantities could be used to determine whether a process was spontaneous.

Given any one of the quantities, the other nernst equation problems can be calculated. Is the reaction spontaneous? Now that the connection has been made between the free energy and cell potentials, nonstandard concentrations follow.


If the free energy change is negative, the process is spontaneous. The other approach, which we will use, requires information like that given in Table P1.

17.4: The Nernst Equation

Using those data, the cell potential can be determined. If the cell potential nernst equation problems positive, the nernst equation problems is spontaneous. Is the reaction spontaneous under these conditions?

It is interesting to note the relationship between equilibrium and the Gibb's free energy at this point. The Nernst Equation at K At any specific temperature, the Nernst equation derived above can be reduced into a simple form.

Solved: (See Example ) Use the Nernst equation to determin |

If the concentrations of the ions are not 1. The numerical value is 0. A battery containing any voltage is not at equilibrium.

  • Solved: (See Example ) Use the Nernst equation to determin |
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The Nernst equation also nernst equation problems that you can build a battery simply by using the same material for both cells, but by using different concentrations. Cells of this type are called concentration cells. That driving force gives rise to 0.

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