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Guru Rehras sahib sampoorna asked the Sikh to read Gurbani carefully but he made the same mistake again. The great King, whose ways always have hidden messages and teachings meant for the worldwide betterment, surprised everyone.

The Gursikh was made to realise that every letter and symbol of Gurbani is an ang limb of Guru Ji, and making a rehras sahib sampoorna while reciting Gurbani is like hurting Guru Ji.

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Bless us with the understanding of Gurbani. Without an understanding we don't whether what we do is correct or incorrect. After all the battles where He sacrificed all His rehras sahib sampoorna.

Japji Sahib Rehraas Sahib - Rehraas Sahib (Sampooran) (Video Full Song) - Video Dailymotion

The gurus themselves invented rehras sahib sampoorna of rehras sahib sampoorna. Under each Raag, the hymns are arranged in different meters as Chaupadas and Ashtapadas; long poems include Chhands, Vars, and Bhagat verses. Another outstanding feature of the Guru Granth is the rescission and beauty of its prosody.

Whilst a great deal of it is cast in traditional verse forms e. The inner and rehras sahib sampoorna relationship between music and verse has been maintained with scholarly rectitude and concern.

The complete musicalization of thought was accomplished in a scientific and scholarly manner so that it makes for the unusually vigorous yet supple discipline of the Granth's own metrics and notations.

The Guru Granth verses are often sung in a process known as kirtan. In this process true meaning is revealed directly to the Surat consciousness and awareness through cosmic vibrations.

The physical body of the singer experiences the essence of each word through the lightening energy in the brain and the calming vibrations in the body, all caused by the sound currents. They keep the mind to stay focused on the Word.

Sampooran Mp3 Song Download Mekaal Hasan Band -

They heal the physical body and cleanse inner thoughts. The sound waves of the Gurmat Raags connect the mind, body, and spirit by alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, and rehras sahib sampoorna entities. They implant in the psyche the basis for both spiritual and mental growth.

To see a Sikh congregation chant the sacred hymns in unison is to see massed spiritual energy bubble before your eyes. This is how the ordinary words change into the logos and become auspicious.

Reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, rehras sahib sampoorna as Gurbani paath, is a sacred rite for every Sikh that permits a connection to the Guru for spiritual guidance.


It is more than a simple ritual or a complex scholarly endeavor; intellectual deliberation is engaged to seek wisdom while faith is cultivated in the process to receive the inner light. Reading the rhythmic poetry of Guru Granth is considered by some as healing in itself.

Its chant is frequently prescribed to patients for relief of their symptoms rehras sahib sampoorna to reduce illnesses. In mystic literature of Guru Granth the appeal of the numinous becomes ineffable, if not inexplicable.

And yet the great Sikh rehras sahib sampoorna is not a knot of metaphysical riddles and abstract theorizing.


For the most part rehras sahib sampoorna employs the idiom of the common people, and draws its imagery and metaphors from the home, the street and the work place. The compositions of the Granth set out the ideas, thoughts and guidelines rehras sahib sampoorna the future of the Nanak panth as enshrined in the Khalsa.

It is also a part of evening prayer of the Sikhs called Rehras sahib.

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The Benti Chaupee can be read at any time during the day to provide protection, positive focus and energy.

Each section of the prayer casts light rehras sahib sampoorna another aspect of God. It is recited after a hard days work when one is tired out.

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