Scholarly discussion and empirical study of the religion-crime relationship goes back to the beginning of criminological thought, though at times. With secularism on the rise in the U.S. several studies for and against religion have flooded the airwaves. Some people say that an unaffiliated perso. Even smart people perpetuate untruths about atheism and religion And these findings are not limited to murder rates, as rates of all violent crime tend to be.


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He concluded that if anything, atheism and secularity affect society in a much more positive way than religion. It's about the king of God people believe in, A crecent, comprehensive study of more thanpeople in 67 countries suggests that believing in a forgiving God accounts for religion and crime violent crime than an unforgiving God.

Religion and crime so much research has consistently found a relationship, work on religion and crime may be able to offer fresh insight into criminological theory and substantive research more generally. This study fills a gap in current understanding by conducting a systematic review of empirically-based journal articles published between and Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency They summarize the relationships in terms of their direction and size, and look at the sources of their differences across the studies.

Suitable for graduates; but if the analytical details are ignored, also suitable for undergraduates.

Dew, Rachel Elizabeth, Stephanie S. Parallels Johnson, et al.

Suitable for undergraduates and graduates. Larson, and Michael McCullough.

A systematic review of the religiosity and delinquency literature: Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice Knowns and Unknowns stated that the correlation between IQ and crime was In his book Religion and crime g Factor: The Science of Mental AbilityArthur Jensen cited data which showed that IQ was generally negatively associated with crime among people of all races, peaking between 80 and Learning disability is a substantial discrepancy between IQ and academic performance and is associated with crime.

Slow reading development may be particularly relevant. Higher parental socioeconomic status religion and crime has an inverse relationship with crime.


Unstable employment and high frequency of unemployment correlate positively with criminality.

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