Heavy Metal is an American science fiction and fantasy comics magazine, known primarily for . "Heavy Metal is getting a punk rock facelift under new editor Grant Morrison". Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved April 21, Jump up ^ Michael. Heavy Metal é uma revista em quadrinhos para adultos, que usa temas como ficção científica e Lou Stathis escrevia sobre rock e Jay Kinney falava sobre quadrinhos underground, enquanto Steve Brown revisava as novelas recentes da  Personagens principais‎: ‎Den‎, ‎Druuna‎, Black D. A tradicional revista Metal Hammer, especializada em Heavy Metal, lançou uma edição celebrando a música dos anos Uma das atrações.


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Giger and Esteban Maroto have been featured on the covers of various issues. Terrance Lindall 's illustrated version of Milton 's epic poem Paradise Lost appeared in revistas heavy rock magazine in Illustrators like Luis RoyoAlex Ebel contributed artwork over the course of his career.

RockHard: Rock Hard International

An adaptation of the film Alien named Alien: The Illustrated Storywritten by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Walter Simonsonwas published in the magazine in Editors[ revistas heavy rock ] Jean-Michel Nicollet's cover for the first issue.

The founding Design Director was Peter Kleinman. Kleinman was the Design Revistas heavy rock of National Lampoon at the time, and he was asked to provide direction for the fledgling project in addition to his Lampoon duties.

He created the original Heavy Metal logo design at the request of Len Mogel and Matty Simmons and was responsible for the launch and art direction from the first issue.


He was experimenting revistas heavy rock a visual pun—pushing down the characters in the word "Heavy" to emphasize the visual parody of the letters' 'weighty quality"—and in the middle of his design efforts, Simmons saw it, scooped it off of Kleinman's drafting table, and presented it to Mogel and the rest of the board.

It was revistas heavy rock instant hit and has been used as the basic logo ever since.

Peter Kleinman revistas heavy rock to oversee the publication design and work on cover designs for the first two years, and hired Art Director and Designer John Workmanwho brought to the magazine a background of experience at Revistas heavy rock Comics and other publishers. After two years, Mogel felt the lack of text material was a drawback, and inhe replaced Kelly and Marchant with Ted Whitehighly regarded in the science fiction field for revitalizing Amazing Stories and Fantastic between and White's main solution to the problem of adding substantive text material was revistas heavy rock line-up of columns by four authorities in various aspects of popular culture: Lou Stathis wrote about rock music and Jay Kinney dug into underground comicswhile Steve Brown reviewed new science fiction novels and Bhob Stewart explored visual media from fantasy films to animation and light shows.

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InJulie Simmons-Lynch took revistas heavy rock as revistas heavy rock, and her new slant on text material was the showcasing of science fiction by well-known authors such as Robert SilverbergJohn Shirley and Harlan Ellison.

Later, a review section labeled Dossier, was created by associate editor Brad Balfour, who came on board to handle text features by authors such as William S. Burroughs and Stephen King.


Dossier featured short pieces revistas heavy rock a variety of writers, and was edited first by Balfour and then by Stathis, who soon replaced Balfour as an editor. Stathis continued the tradition of focusing on pop culture figures to connect the magazine to the larger hip culture context.

In the Winter of original Design Director Peter Kleinman was brought back on staff and Simmons-Lynch remained the editor until Kevin Eastman had acquired the magazine the year before and became both publisher and editor after that date.

Comics writer Grant Morrison became editor in chief beginning with the April issue of the magazine. Being fanatical revistas heavy rock collectors, Holger and Uwe soon found trading partners in Goetz Kuehnemund and Frank Trojan who advertised in the early issues of Aardschok, a German version of the well-known Dutchmagazine.

Back in those days a lot of fans loved the Aardschok style which was the first European metal magazine devoted to underground music and the first to cover demo bands.

When a really miserable 'fanzine project' of revistas heavy rock trading friends was sent out in a monthly packet of records and tapes, Uwe and Holger thought it was time to give it a try on their own and the very first issue of ROCK HARD came to life on a revistas heavy rock copy machine and was sold in a local record store.

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