Service manuals for SRAM, Sachs and Fitchel & Sachs hubs. P5 - Spectro T3 - Spectro Combi P5/S7 (Integrated Brake Shifter) Spectro System Components. Starting in the s, Sachs expanded its line of internal-gear hubs to include The DualDrive hubs and Spectro T3 are supposed to be used only with their. GEAR HUB SYSTEMS. Technical Manual GEAR HUBS AND SHIFTERS. DualDrive. 3. Spectro S7. Spectro P5. Spectro P5 Cargo. Spectro T3.


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SRAM's assumption seems to have been that performance-oriented bicyclists don't care to use internal-gear hubs -- a bit sachs spectro t3 a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There are various tricks to make the SRAM shifters compatible with drop bars -- for example, attaching a mountain-bike bar end to the stem.

Sram spectro T3 hub gear - Cycling UK Forum

Aftermarket shifters also are sachs spectro t3 to be in the works. The 5-and 7-speed models with clickboxes use a single cable and concentric pushrods, with a dual bellcrank inside the clickbox.

I've considered modifying a 7-speed to use a pullchain on the left side and bellcrank on the right. The DualDrive hubs and Spectro T3 are supposed to be used only with their sachs spectro t3 shifters, but they have a pullrod, not a pushrod, suggesting that a conversion to use a pullchain might be possible.

Shimano-compatible cassettes that attach to DualDrive hubs work with a wide range of derailers and shifters.


The DualDrive hubs have aluminum shells and are relatively light in weight. Other than this, SRAM has paid relatively little attention to weight reduction sachs spectro t3 most of its internal-gear hub product line.

Many models have been available only with heavy steel shells.

SRAM/Sachs/F&S Service Manuals

The Spectro S7, for example, was made in three versions -- with no brake, with a coaster brake and with sachs spectro t3 drum brake. They all weigh about the same. You might expect the drum brake version to weigh more, but it is the only one with an aluminum alloy shell.

The steel shells of the other 7-speeds are very thick and heavy. The i-Motion 9 9-speed hub, introduced in and since discontinued has been described as a "cannonball" because of its size and weight!

A version with a carbon fiber shell was marketed, but the weight of the internal parts is still substantial. The G8 8-speed hub, introduced inand G9, sachs spectro t3 in and since withdrawn, are larger but lighter and have a much simpler internal mechanism.

Other recent Sachs and SRAM internal-gear hubs also use grease lubrication, and also have no oil cap. Except for the hubs with rotary pulley shifting, these hubs all allow addition of oil by removing the shifter parts and squirting oil into the hollow end of the axle. The disk-brake version of the i-Motion 9 can, however, be lubricated through one of the disk-brake bolt holes at the left side.

After disassembling some of the other disc brake models so metal chips can be cleaned out, drilling sachs spectro t3 one of the sachs spectro t3 brake mounting holes allows it to be used as an oil port.

Oil is preferable for drag reduction, and because it can be replenished without disassembling the hub. Caution is in order not to use too much oil when it could seep through the bearing into a drum brake Phil Wood Tenacious Oil is a good choice, if used in moderation and replenished once every thousand miles or so, or at least once every couple of years.

Sachs spectro t3 much oil will get messy, while stale Phil oil will gum up and can make the pawls stick. The stickiness that keeps Phil Wood oil from being messy also allows it to gum up.

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