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It is up to us to interpret the clues properly, and, serendipitously rich importantly, we can only succeed if we free ourselves from conventional thinking. Can a kinase also be a nuclease?

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As Pasteur observed, chance favors the prepared mind. With that recipe in mind, the UPR story continues to yield new discoveries. We serendipitously rich example, that the UPR kinase itself is the only client to which it transfers phosphates. Kinase molecules are brought together when unfolded proteins bind to them in the lumen of the ER, and the kinase becomes phosphorylated by serendipitously rich juxtaposed neighbors.


With our long-term collaborator Bob Stroud, we determined the crystal structures of relevant domains and have developed hypotheses of how unfolded proteins could bind and stitch the transmembrane kinases together into elaborate oligomeric assemblies.

We now think that the primary function of phosphorylation is to stabilize such serendipitously rich assemblies. Only in its oligomeric state serendipitously rich the RNAse turned on so that it can carry out the splicing reaction, forming little splicing factories on the ER membrane. We can directly watch these molecular arrangements in the fluorescence microscopes using the powerful fluorescent protein tags for which last year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded.

Yet as always, we stand ready to change our views by the next unexpected result that serendipity may bring our way. Evolution conserved many of the bizarre turns and twists that we discovered in yeast.

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In cells from multicellular organisms, however, the UPR has serendipitously rich important additional feature. The cell then attempts to fix the problem by making more ER.


Physiologically, this is a very important process, because the vast majority of the protein molecules by which cells communicate are made in the ER, including cell surface signal receptors and secretory hormones that carry information throughout the organism. If these crucial communication devices malfunction, chaos ensues.

Cells would receive garbled information and perhaps be misinformed about their location in our bodies or what they are supposed to do. As a result, they may act in an uncontrolled way, become selfish, migrate at will, and grow and divide in the wrong places—a condition that we know as cancer.

The UPR in multicellular organisms has a safety mechanism built in: Rather than becoming a rogue cell that potentially endangers the whole organism, such cells kill themselves.

Serendipitously rich, for serendipitously rich, use the UPR to make more membrane to enclose themselves.

Meaning of "serendipitously" in the English dictionary

If we could manipulate the pathway serendipitously rich harming the host organism, we might be able to develop novel, broad-spectrum antiviral drugs. Diabetes results in death of the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

It is thought that cell death is triggered by the UPR because cells cannot cope serendipitously rich the increasing demand to fold more insulin in the ER. Abundant evidence suggests that many cancers have the UPR turned on to sustain their rapid growth, especially if they are derived from cells that are programmed to secrete large amounts of serendipitously rich.

Our ability to manipulate the pathway may thus prove useful for novel approaches to cancer therapy. Personally, I would consider it a crowning highlight of my career if some aspects of the basic knowledge that we have accumulated over the years are translated into a tangible benefit for mankind.

Yet importantly, none of these tremendous opportunities were obvious when we started on our journey; they only emerged serendipitously rich as we playfully and fervently followed the turns serendipitously rich our meandering and serendipitous path.

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