Study Less, Study Smart has 30 ratings and 1 review. Clícia said: Full of great first tip is the Pomodoro it follows creat. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Professor Emeritus, Marty Lobdell taught Psychology and College Study skills for 40 years at Pierce College. His book is a. How to Study Less and Study Smart. Study Less Study Smart: A 6-Minute Summary of Marty Lobdell's Lecture - College Info Geek. Dr. Marty Lobdell's "Study.


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Your mind wanders somewhere because it got bored. One way to prevent this is to have an on-going interaction with the material while you are studying.

Improving Your Study Skills: Study Smart, Study Less. - Shelley O'Hara - Google книги

Highlight important information you get study smart study less not over-highlighting that it leaves no room for the most important information to stand out. Writing marginalized section on the material also helps. Write notes on the side of your material related to anything that you are learning.

One of the most effective ways is taking notes and giving your own spin on it.

Study Less, Study Smart

Honestly, this is the best thing that works for me. Immediately after reading a chapter, I extract all the main points that stood out to me and write them on my own.

I write in a separate notebook then I try to remember other things I can relate to it. When I go study smart study less, I would revisit the things discussed and explain on my own. During exams, my classmates would ask me why am I not doing last minute review.

My friends discovered my system and it became a routine for us to set up review sessions several days before a major exam.

  • How to Study Smarter Not Harder and Retain More in Less Time
  • Study Smart, Study Less by Anne Crossman |
  • Study Less, Study Smart - An Hour Of Sage Advice Packed Into 6 Minutes | College Info Geek
  • How to Study Smarter Not Harder and Retain More in Less Time
  • Tip 2: Create a dedicated study area:
  • Study Smart, Study Less

We reserve a room in a library where we discuss the materials, write things on board and act like teachers. All benefit from each other because each of us has strengths in different subjects. The more you teach something, the better learner you become.

The more involved you are, the better study smart study less learning will be.

Study Less, Study Smart – An Hour Of Sage Advice Packed Into 6 Minutes

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: Your neurons get messed up because of different physiological reactions that trigger it. Undivided focus is your number one ally in studying.


Science journalist Study smart study less Goleman said: As we focus on what we are learning, the brain maps that information on what we already know, making new neural connections. Minimize clutter around you and remove any distraction that will keep you from focusing.

Study Less Study Smart – A summary for Marty Lobdell’s lecture

Continual switching saps your attention from your concentrated engagement. It hurts your process which in turn hurts your progress. Your prefrontal cortex works well when it is highly engaged with the ventral striatum. Neuroscientist Richard Davidson suggests training your brain to expect a reward from yourself so that you will be motivated to study smart study less.

When you decide to reward yourself, make sure to really do it. If not, your brain study smart study less be conditioned that you are simply tricking it, therefore, decreasing your motivation to learn.

Study Less Study Smart – A summary for Marty Lobdell’s lecture

The key here is to identify the vital behavior you want to reward and make sure that they study smart study less. Misuse of reward can also hurt your process. In that case, the reward becomes a distractor.

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