Al-Malik al-Ẓāhir Rukn al-Dīn Baybars al-Bunduqdārī Famous by the name of Sultan Baybars (Mamluk Dynasty) Baibars was a popular ruler in the Muslim World. Jump to Sultan of Egypt - Baibars or Baybars (/ – 1 July ), of Turkic Kipchak origin — nicknamed Abu al-Futuh and Abu l-Futuhat (Arabic: أبو  Dynasty‎: ‎Bahri. Sent, like all the sultan's newly acquired slaves, for military training to an island in the Nile, Baybars demonstrated outstanding military abilities. Upon his.


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After seizing their major strongholds between andhe wiped out the Syrian members of the group. Baybars also took the offensive against the Christian Armenians who sultan baybars allies of the Mongolsdevastating their lands and plundering their major cities.

Inhaving sultan baybars the Seljuq troops and their Mongol allies, he personally seized Caesarea modern Kayseri in Turkey in Cappadocia.

From Slave to Sultan: Baibars I - The Slave Warrior Who Fought His Way to the Top | Ancient Origins

To secure Egypt on the south and west, Baybars sent military expeditions into Nubia and Libyataking personal command in 15 campaigns and often endangering his life. The Sultan baybars sovereign thereupon ordered the restoration of the ancient mosque and permitted the Egyptian merchants and ambassadors to sultan baybars through the Hellespont and Bosporus.

Sultan baybars Baybars sent an ambassador to the Sicilian king Manfred. Baybars wished to legitimize his sultanate and to give preeminence to his rule in the Muslim world.

Baybars was, moreover, more than a military leader or a diplomatic politician. He built canals, improved harbours, and established a regular and fast postal service sultan baybars Cairo and Damascus, one that required only four days.

The conflict between these two forces culminated in the Battle of Ain Jalut, which took place in the Sultan baybars Valley of Palestine.


The Mamluks decisively defeated the Mongols, though Qutuz was not to enjoy this victory for long. On sultan baybars way back to Egypt, the sultan was assassinated by a group of conspirators led by Baibars.

Baibars strengthened the military position of the Mamluks in Syria and attacked the crusaders from to One by one, the sultan baybars crusader strongholds, including Arsuf, Jaffa, and Antioch, fell to the Mamluks.

However, Baibars first chose to deal with Sinjar,[ clarification needed ] and marched on Damascus. At the same time the princes of Hama and Homs proved able to defeat the Mongols in the First Battle of Homswhich lifted the Mongol threat for a sultan baybars.

On 17 JanuaryBaibars' forces were able to rout the troops of Sinjar outside Damascus, and pursued the attack to the city, where the citizens were loyal to Sinjar and resisted Baibars, although their sultan baybars was soon crushed.

After suppressing the revolt of Sinjar, Baibars then managed to deal with the Ayyubidswhile quietly eliminating the prince of Kerak. Unfortunately, al-Mustansir II was killed by the Mongols during an ill-advised expedition to recapture Baghdad from sultan baybars Mongols later in the same year.

Like his unfortunate predecessor, al-Hakim I also sultan baybars the formal oath of alliegance of Baibars and provided him with legitimation. While most of the Muslim world did not take these caliphs seriously, as they were sultan baybars instruments of the sultans, they still lent a certain legitimation as well as a decorative element to their rule.

Siege of Antioch As sultan, Baibars engaged in a lifelong struggle against the Crusader kingdoms in Syriain part because the Christians had aided the Mongols.


He started with the Principality of Antiochwhich sultan baybars become a vassal state of the Mongols and had participated in attacks against Islamic targets in Damascus and Syria.

InBaibars laid siege sultan baybars Acrethe capital of the remnant of the Kingdom of Jerusalemalthough the siege was abandoned when he sacked Nazareth instead.

After breaking into the town he offered free passage to the defending Knights Hospitallers if they surrendered their formidable citadel.

The Knights accepted Sultan baybars offer but were enslaved anyway. Baibars promised the knights safe passage to the Christian town of Acre if they surrendered their fortress.

From Slave to Sultan: Baibars I - The Slave Warrior Who Fought His Way to the Top

Badly outnumbered, the knights agreed. On capturing Safed, Baibars did not raze the sultan baybars to the ground but fortified and repaired it instead, as it was strategically situated and well constructed.

After defeating the forces of Hethum I in the Battle of MariBaibars managed to ravage the three sultan baybars cities of MamistraAdana and Tarsusso that when Hetoum arrived with Mongol troops, the country was already devastated.

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