And I've seen reference to Gue'vesa Auxiliaries i.e. humans, typically serving in Tau armies, representing humans from colonies which. Gue'vesa are human auxiliaries serving in the Tau Empire. Other races abound in the Tau empire, including Kroot and Vespids, but the most popular (at least on /tg/) are humans that joined the Empire.‎Gue'vesa and the Greater · ‎The Gue'vesa in crunch. But what if the focus was shifted toward the Tau Auxiliary races that .. A ragtag irregular breacher team made up of Tau, Humans and kroot.


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An actual psyker that the Tau do have access to in the universe, but for some reason not on the table: There's our cqc choice. Their one drawback is that they automatically are favored enemy for Imperial troops, who will hit them automatically in close-combat on a 3 or better.

In spite of this, Gue'vesa make a damned fine Tarpit unit. They are shooty enough to actually cause some damage to squads that aren't ready for them, their Gue'vesa'la can drop a Markerlight, and they cost notably less than tau human auxiliaries Kroot Carnivores.

tau human auxiliaries

They also have an armor save however shitty. They cannot infiltrate or use transports which sucksbut their sheer cost and mass makes them a damned fine meat-shield unit for those who aren't terribly fond of using blobs of Kroot. Gue'vesa that do well enough are frequently tau human auxiliaries better equipment and promotedwith veteran Gue'vesa supposedly being eventually allowed to join Fire Warrior teams.

Gue'vesa armies made using the Tau human auxiliaries codex are Imperial Guard units in every way but name and appearance. This is basically also true of those playing Gue'vesa using the Tau codex.

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Apparently, the regiment was abandoned in Tau space following the end of the Damocles Gulf Crusade which was a prolonged engagement between the Imperium of Man and the Tau Empire.

The only details following this incident came from a Tau propaganda campaign not necessarily a bad thing involving Jeakim Slovaz who told of the humane treatment tau human auxiliaries human prisoners of war could expect to receive tau human auxiliaries the Tau Empire HERESY!.

Gallery[ edit ] A Gue'vesa'ui doing their there is discussion as to this character's gender best to look badass.


And coming across as entirely too weaboo. The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer on the subject. Another lucky human is conscripted to serve the Greater Good.

A young human Fire Warrior. Forces of the Tau. Some of the Water Caste's initiatives have resulted in the smooth transition of an Imperial tau human auxiliaries to a new allegiance to the T'au Tau human auxiliaries, while others have unleashed the full wrath of the Imperium on the Tau.

Knowing every victory of diplomacy spares them a potentially costly military campaign, the Ethereals and Water Caste attempt to appeal to every level of Imperial society by emphasizing the many different aspects of the Greater Good.

To broaden the appeal of membership in the T'au Empire, the Tau guarantee protection from Imperial retribution to rebellious Planetary Governors.

They also promise the nobility who control planetary commerce lucrative new sources of income and new technologies in the T'au Empire where they will be free from the mandatory tithes and excessive bureaucracy of the Imperium.

Gue'vesa - 1d4chan

The Tau also promise that all humans will be allowed to enjoy the freedom of religion, so long as the practice of that faith does not conflict with the Greater Good. This is a freedom that is unimaginable on Imperial worlds, where rigid adherence to the Imperial Tau human auxiliaries is always enforced.

Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the Greater Good to the common Imperial citizen is the belief that all those who contribute towards it have a meaningful and valued place within Tau society. In place of the relatively low value the Imperium places on the individual human life, the Tau seem to believe that everyone has a place, and everyone matters.

A perfect example of this process occurred during the Taros Campaign. When the desert mining world of Taros was annexed by the Tau Empire, not only did the population of Taros not oppose the move since the world had developed an extremely lucrative trade in strategic ores with the Tau, but the Tarosian Planetary Defence Force actually fought against the Imperial forces sent to reclaim the world for the Emperor as Gue'vesa, shoulder to shoulder with their new Tau allies.

Many of the Gue'vesa tau human auxiliaries trace their origins back to the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

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