The temple entry proclamation was the end result of the many crusades led by the social activists against the casteism and the racial prejudices. The Temple Entry Proclamation was issued by Maharaja Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma in and abolished the ban on the so called 'low caste people' or. The Temple Entry Proclamation issued by Maharaja Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma in abolished the ban on the so-called 'low-caste people' or avarnas from entering Hindu temples in the Princely State of Travancore (now part of Kerala, India).


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Temple Entry Proclamation the greatest act of moral freedom: Uthradom Tirunal

The Committee stated that Hindu community is bound to take immediate temple entry proclamation adequate measures for the upliftment of the dalits, socially and economically, and it should be done independently of the question of temple entry.

The committee suggested for this following steps for the upliftment of dalits: Theendal distance of pollution should be removed by appropriate legislative measures, subject to reservations in the matter of entry into temples and into their adjuncts like temple-tanks, temple-wells, Homapuras place were prayer rituals were conducted temple entry proclamation, Anakottils place where elephants are cared for etc.

Public tanks used for bathing purposes should be thrown open, after separate cisterns are attached to them or portions of them are walled off, where people could wash their clothes, etc.

Public wells should be thrown open, after they are provided with cisterns, in which water should be stored from the wells by Municipal or Health Department employees, and from which water should be drained through taps.

Government sathroms inns should be thrown temple entry proclamation, after they are provided with separate kitchens, as in the case of such as are already open to all classes. The above four observations were immediately put into action by the government and thus all restrictions on the usage of public amenities, like roads, wells, tanks etc.

The practice of Theendal distance of pollution or untouchability was immediately banned too. Arrangements should be made for providing Bhajanamadoms prayer centresinstituting religious lectures, opening schools for adult instruction, and having proper housing and sanitation and the adequate supply of wells and tanks for such Avarna Communities as in the opinion of Government require such assistance.

Temple Entry Proclamation the greatest act of moral freedom: Uthradom Tirunal - KERALA - The Hindu

This item may be so worked as to be completed in a definite period, say, ten years. In important centres, temples may be built and consecrated, where Savarnas upper castes temple entry proclamation Avarnas may worship together, such savarnas retaining their full rights of worship etc.

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  • The History Of Temple Entry Proclamation
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After the submission of the Committee Report, people were not much interested in the temple entry movement in Travancore. But the temple entry question was discussed temple entry proclamation in Travancore without any serious organised attempts.

When Mahatma Gandhi had ‘misgivings’ about Temple Entry Proclamation

The committee expressed their opinion that a panel temple entry proclamation learned persons, well versed in the theory and practice of Hinduism, should be summoned, and that the reform might be effected by the ruler with their approval.

They also suggested certain methods by which the rigour of the custom excluding the dalits from the temple might be softened.

By temple entry proclamation decision of the Temple Entry Committee, several temple entry conferences were held at the capitals of Harijan Sevak Sangh in Kerala. After the conference, volunteers marched at various places to focus the attention of people in the matter of temple entry.

In Travancore, though holding processions were prohibited at the time, they were permitted to conduct it by the government.

Temple Entry Proclamation

They also understood that what the king was doing was ultimately for the good. That evening after the Proclamation was made: On the evening of November 12,it was announced that the people could see the king. The temple entry proclamation of the Kowdiar palace were thrown open, the guards withdrew and the people just kept pouring in.

This reform was further extended to the Malabar area by the Madras Temple Act Orthodox people including Namboodries have, as groups or individuals, displayed no hostility. Annoyed with this response Gandhi asked the year-old prince, who immediately promised that it would happen during his temple entry proclamation.


Narayananthe former President of Indiain his speech referring to temple entry proclamation progressive mind of Chithira Thirunal. At that time, Sree Chithira Thirunal was a young man, and he has not ascended the throne.

Gandhiji asked "When you attain majority and when you assume full authority, will you allow Harijans to enter the temple".

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