"In The Good House, acclaimed novelist Tananarive Due enters classic Stephen King territory. Her novel, set in a small Northern town, centers on a haunted. Tananarive Due has returned with The Good House, her best book to date. The Good House is a magnificent, irresistible family drama of one. The Good House has ratings and reviews. Kaora said: The blurb for this one sounded so interesting, and the line at the library for this book wa.


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So I threw the brick and broke the window and knocked your jewelry all over the floor, and you thought somebody stole it.

Angela took the ring and stared at its beautiful symbols, which looked like shiny golden light-etchings against the sunken surface. A triangle with a cross in the center, a double wave, a pear shape.

Slowly, she slid the ring onto the the good house tananarive due finger where she had once worn her wedding ring.

It was snug, but not too tight. Perfect fit, like the day it had been given to her.

Thinking of her grandmother, Angela could nearly smell the rose-scented talcum powder Gramma Marie had dusted the good house tananarive due with.

Angela had hauled box after box of preserves down those steps, stacking the jars in the compartments that had been built for wine. Something felt very wrong. I was thinking about how stealing your ring was one thing I wish I could take back.

The Good House | Book by Tananarive Due | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

He must have lain awake the good house tananarive due the night, wondering how he was going to finally tell her the truth.

Corey spoke quickly when he was lying, like now. Like they say on TV, I cared enough to give the very best. How many times had she told the story of her stolen ring as a woeful loss?

The Good House by Tananarive Due

How dare Corey let all these years go by without saying anything! She breathed in deeply, feeling lightheaded.

Could this be real? Maybe her secretly-spoken wish was coming true after all.

The Good House - Wikipedia

She squeezed her own fingers, enjoying the solidness and texture of the ring. She cupped his chin in her palm. Your daddy and I lived in separate houses, in separate cities, and we forced you to choose between us.


What do you think? His lips were mashed tightly together, thinned out.


He was fighting tears, she knew. Angela felt her heart pounding from the simple pleasure of embracing a child who rarely gave her the opportunity anymore.

But getting it back to me — saving your money, writing a letter the good house tananarive due that girl, using your head — that was the work of a young man.

That makes me proud of you, Corey.

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