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The optical system also requires a motor to drive it. The laser system and photo-detector is placed together on a single platform.

Portable Media Players (Radio and MP3)

The laser diode as well as other diodes is made with the help of usb video player circuit. After the outline has been drawn, the components must be soldered to their respective places. All this must be done in a very clean environment so that the board does not become contaminated by dust.


All the primary components of the electronic circuit should be made out of silicon. This laser will be reflected differently according to the change of pits and bumps.

Portable Media Player (Radio and MP3) integrated circuits and reference designs |

Though the laser hits a single spot, the DVD moves in a circular motion so that the entire area is covered. Mirrors are also used to change the spot.

These reflected laser beams are then collected by a light sensor eg. In short, the optical system helps in converting the data from the DVD into a digital code.

Thus the corresponding analog signal of the DVD is obtained. The basic working of a DVD player is shown below. Usb video player circuit are later brought together and assembled at one place.

During the assembling, the PCB will be connected to the rest of the machine and all the components are placed in the right positions.

The whole package is usb video player circuit placed inside an outer plastic housing with a front panel with the buttons for various operations.

How to make Mp3 player at Home: How to make Mp3 player at home

This DVD player is usb video player circuit sent to a packaging station where they are placed safely inside boxes along with the respective power cords, operating manual, installing disks and so on. They are then taken by the distributors to various shops and then sold to customers.

The degree of usb video player circuit varies according to the flaws in the assembling process. Thorough inspections in both the visual as well as electrical divisions must be done most of the time.


Flaws in the positioning of the different components can also cause the player to become faulty. After manufacturing the DVD also, the working performance is tested.


To see the adverse effects of these players in different temperatures, the tests will be carried out in excessive heat as usb video player circuit as humidity. Since most of the parts of a DVD player is made by suppliers, they rely on other companies for good quality.

The DVD assemblers will set a minimum standard for the supplies that they buy from outside.

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