Vampire: The Requiem is the flagship title of White Wolf's New World of Darkness line, and, as its name suggests, the counterpart to the Old  ‎Vampire Necrology · ‎The Clans · ‎Covenants & Conspiracies · ‎Disciplines. Vampire: The Requiem invites you to tell your own stories set within the world of This book includes rules for using vampires in World of Darkness chronicles. Vampire: The Requiem: A Modern Gothic Storytelling Game [Ari Marmell, Dean Shomshak, C. A. Suleiman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.


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Unless, of course, some other vampire decides to fully Embrace them, giving them a clan and with it, vampire the requiem degree of ability to use their lemons to make lemonade. A small handful of revenant "dynasties" exist on the fringes of vampiric society, but they often struggle to stay afloat vampire the requiem to the difficulty many of them have in performing their version of the Embrace.

Their only compensation is Chary, vampire the requiem crude Discipline that allows them to hold onto Vitae slightly better. Dhampir are the rare result of a vampire-human pairing.

As vampires are naturally sterile, a dhampir can only be created either via powerful blood sorcery or in the extremely unlikely event that a human with an unborn child is turned vampire the requiem or female, though it happens somewhat more often in the latter case without the baby being stillborn.

Dhampir have limited forms of supernatural abilities vampire the requiem as Twists and Malisons, but the former can't be controlled consciously and the latter requires the blood of the dhampir performing it to work.

Furthermore, the vampiric parent's Clan influence frequently leaves permanent psychological scars even if the dhampir is wholly ignorant of his half-damned heritage: Daeva vampire the requiem struggle to form social bonds vampire the requiem others, and even when one is forged they are prone to sabotaging those relationships in a form of social self-harm.

Gangrel dhampir are restless and prone to wanderlust. They have little patience for niceties and obligations, and can grow shockingly violent if they feel like they're being tied down.

Vampire: The Requiem - Wikipedia

Mekhet dhampir are paranoid, and they try to fight it by gathering information vampire the requiem everyone vampire the requiem them. In many cases, this turns into a sick form of voyeurism based on stealing people's secrets and breaching their privacy.

The disgust that the Nosferatu generate is turned inward in their dhampir offspring, leaving vampire the requiem the most well-adjusted Nosferatu dhampir wracked with self-loathing. The inferiority complexes thus produced often push others away from the dhampir, leaving him even more entrenched in his hatred of himself.

Ventrue dhampir go through life with a sense of thwarted entitlement; the world ought to be their oyster, but for whatever reason their goals are always ever so slightly out of reach.


Naturally, this tends to make them domineering and arrogant as they try to force others to bend to their will without the easy out of Dominate. Unusually, dhampir also have an innate connection to the workings of fate and possess an uncanny ability to sense the supernatural above and beyond that which pertains to the Kindred.

Because of this, it is not unheard of for a dhampir to end up making allies with other supernatural beings, especially when destiny vampire the requiem up nudging them in that direction. Though it's a stereotype that many dhampir become vampire hunters, this is less of a result of their cursed blood vampire the requiem more of a byproduct of the average vampire being a really shitty parent.

Their Blood Potency is 0, so each time they meet a "true" vampire, they cower in fear. Vampire the requiem fact, they probably have it better than Kindred.

Vampire: The Requiem - 1d4chan

Jiang Shi[ edit ] Chinese "hopping vampires", formerly human mages as well. They only have access to Celerity, Resilience, and Vigor, but in return they're not destroyed by anything other than fire upon "death," they teleport to their graves, torpid, at full health.

They are like ghosts in that they cannot stray too vampire the requiem from their anchors, otherwise they'd teleport back.


Of course, they can use living beings as anchors. They'd be a sixth great clan, were it not for the fact that Athey need two deaths, one of a person that is completely pure of heart, to raise another of their number, and Bthe Kiss of the Vampire is denied to them it feels more vampire the requiem a particularly painless frostbite when they chow downso they have to be really clever and subtle about feeding, and Cwhen low on Vitae they appear more visibly corpselike mold begins growing on their vampire the requiem and they become cold to the touch.

On the bright side, they can still do the grave teleporting thing, and can change the location of their "grave" if needed although that requires the death of another pure-hearted person to do so.

They specialize in the Animalism, Obfuscate, and Celerity Disciplines.

Vampire: The Requiem

Despite their weaknesses compared to more traditional Clans, there's cities where vampire the requiem Jiang Shi have thrived and even joined with the other Kindred - it's not like the whole "two deaths to do an Embrace" thing is anywhere near the worst thing Kindred in general have to do to keep living.

Fomorsae[ edit ] Emotion eaters who feed on self-loathing and body issues. Getting fed on by them causes a person to look more and more beautiful Ironically, the Vitae so gained is stored vampire the requiem fatty deposits, meaning that the Fomorsae are, to the last vamp, horrendously obese and ugly themselves.

They are extremely touchy about this. They're also the exception that proves the rule of Blood Potency 0, since they do have one or higher points in it

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